MSNBC Reporter CRACKS And Spews TRUTH!

This MSNBC reporter is going OFF! Political Panic is an understatement —omg god love his heart –his message, a rare moment of clarity from the mass media, needs to be heard…it needs to EXPLODE!!!

Think this reporter is mad??? Check out THIS GUY OMG!!! He is talking REALITY!!

The wealth of America is indeed being “EXTRACTED!” The ownership of our productive capital assets is continually being hoarded by the 1 percent minority, and invested in the industrialization of other countries. In the meantime, ordinary Americans are suffering, underemployed or unemployed, with no ownership stake in the American economy’s future.

The resulting impact of our current approaches has been plutocratic government and concentration of capital ownership, which denies every citizen his or her pursuit of economic happiness (property). Market-sourced income (through concentrated capital ownership) has concentrated in individuals and families who will not recycle it back through the market as payment for consumer products and services. They already have most of what they want and need so they invest their excess in new productive power, making them richer and richer through greater capital ownership. This is the source of the distributional bottleneck that makes the private property, market economy ever more dysfunctional. The symptoms of dysfunction are capital ownership concentration and inadequate consumer demand, the effects of which translate into poverty and economic insecurity for the 99 percent majority of people who depend entirely on wages from their labor or welfare and cannot survive more than a week or two without a paycheck. The production side of the economy is under-nourished and hobbled as a result.

Unfortunately, while there are solutions, no one in government will be able to lead the way as long as MONEY in politics is the overriding god of politicians. We need leaders who can break the spell of money in politics and lead us in a national debate about our future.

The solution is to engage in policies and programs that empower ordinary Americans to acquire private, individual ownership in new productive capital investment in the American economy and pay for their acquisition out of the future earnings of the investments.

Once the national economic policy bases policy decisions on two-factor binary economics, productive capital acquisition would take place through commercially insured capital credit, resulting in a quiet revolution in which economic plutocracy will transform to economic democracy.

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